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The Essence of Sustainable Living

Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Are you sick of pollution, garbage littering our earth or simply want to live a cleaner life? Choosing to adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle will reduce your waste and help you to be part of the solution our planet so desperately needs.


Living a Zero Waste lifestyle means aiming to produce zero or as little waste as possible. While eliminating waste from your life altogether may seem like an unachievable goal, it’s all about the little things that add up to make a difference and continually striding towards that Zero Waste goal.


Litterless Living is the best place to begin your Zero Waste journey and find ideas on how to start living a more sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of the planet.


You can start out small and make some sustainable changes that won’t cost you any money to begin with. These Litterless Living tips are simple and cost effective that you can start implementing straight away. Whether you simply bring your own lunch to work, use a reusable water bottle or catch public transport, each small step assists you in working towards a more sustainable lifestyle for you and the planet.


Sustainable living can be implemented by everyone including you, from any corner of the globe, to help save our planet for our future generations, whether the litter epidemic is highly evident to you or not.


Wherever you are in the world Litterless Living can provide you with adaptable information that you can implement in your own hometown. For those living in Australia, Litterless Living can provide location specific information including Zero Waste Brisbane and Zero Waste Blog Australia.


Within Zero Waste Brisbane you can find everything related to living a sustainable lifestyle in Brisbane by accessing information on Brisbane Zero Waste Resources, to find your closest Zero Waste locations. If you are keen to meet up with like-minded people in the community, join the Brisbane Zero Waste Community to clean up local areas and chat with fellow Zero Wasters.


If you reside outside of Australia, Litterless Living also has a comprehensive list of resources for those Zero Waste Southeast Asia inspirers. Including the ultimate Zero Waste Thailand Guide to help you stay plastic free whether you live or are travelling through Thailand.


If a sustainable lifestyle appeals to you, don’t hesitate to check out Litterless Living to begin your Zero Waste journey. Remember that every small step you take towards a more sustainable lifestyle benefits not only the planet, but you and future generations to come.