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Join Zero Waste Blog and Make This World More Beautiful

Have you ever wondered about how much waste you’re producing each day? Do you know how it can affect the lives of the other living things? So many magnificent living creatures like whales and dolphins die because of the significant rise in waste production. Each person should get a proper education on Litterless Living as it is so important to know about the bad results of littering. If each person doesn't take care of this issue then we will face serious issues in the near future. The future generation should also be aware of the huge problems of littering so that that they won't repeat other humans' mistakes. Nowadays, so many people buy things they don't need and use them once. After using them once, they just throw it away. At first sight, it can be a simple thing for you. However, these people should understand that they will end up producing much waste unknowingly. So in order to stop this from happening, you should value litterless living and opt for this lifestyle. You should never hesitate to introduce it to various levels of society as well.

There are many people who strive to educate the public and one of the bloggers who is dedicated to helping this world is Brittany. Her Zero waste blog is a perfect source that educates people and motivates them. Due to this Zero waste blog, people get encouraged and start living a more ideal life. Brittany struggles daily to raise awareness and visiting her website can be life-changing for you. If you also in Brisbane and you are looking to find zero waste essentials then Litterless Living can help you reduce waste. A Brisbane zero waste community is also formed by some passionate people who have come together and decided to help Brittany in cleaning up people's litter. They are bright and wise people who strive to take care of this beautiful world we live in. Brittany has taken all the responsibility to reach out other interested people and bring them all together to make Brisbane as clean as it is possible.

A Brisbane zero waste community is an ideal group of people who hate plastic straws and drags. Once this crew had polished off people's coffees, they went to West End Park along the Brisbane River. They had gloves and bags to collect all the litter they could find. Within just 10 minutes, these people had full bags with countless plastic straws, empty plastic bottles, balloon pieces, and many other plastic varieties. If you are also passionate enough to join this awesome team then hurry up. This Litterless Living blog is in the war against waste and all you need to do is just arm yourself with some gloves and prepare yourself for cleaning some areas and spread some positive vibes. You can also find Zero waste recipes on the website. Gone are the days when finding such recipes seemed to be a daunting or even impossible task. So visit Litterless Living now and explore the Zero waste recipes provided for you!

Join Brittany and Reduce Waste

Each person should do his best to make this world cleaner and more beautiful. Keeping our environment clean is really important for the future generation and if we want to live longer and healthier then we should reduce waste as much as it is possible. Remember that every time you reduce waste, you make this world better. So if you also want to help this world and contribute to the betterment of your future generation then Litterless Living is the best blog for you. Read on sustainable living on this blog made by Brittany. This girl runs her blog in order to motivate and encourage people to reduce waste and keep their location clean. Litterless Living has covered zero waste tortillas as a means to inspire people and teach them on how to eat tortillas without producing waste. You should not opt for the tortillas the supermarkets offer as these tortillas come in non-biodegradable packaging. You stuff that tortilla in your mouth but have you ever wondered where that package ends up? You can't even imagine but that packages can end up in the ocean and become the reason for the death of so many creatures living in the water. Millions of packaging and plastic things have been found in the belly of whales and dolphins. This means all people should start using zero waste tortillas to reduce waste. You can find so many delicious recipes on at Litterless Living. You can easily make your own tortilla and save so many lives. This step will reduce pollution and help us live in a better environment. So make your next delicious and very healthy zero waste tortilla using Litterless Living.

Other than making fresh tortillas to reduce waste, you can also opt for various methods. Brittany can also help you have a Zero waste flight if you follow her guidelines while travelling. When you open the website you can find zero waste travel blogs related to different living aspects that can help you reduce waste in many other countries. Brittany offers you avoid buying plastic bottles. Instead, you can take your reusable bottle and refill it at various locations. You can also choose a reusable carry bag that can be folded and you can easily stuff into your pockets. This means that you will finally avoid the plastic bags given by shopkeepers at every turn. Brittany aims at making people aware of the possible problems waste can bring for us. Reading these zero waste travel blogs you will be able to travel and contribute to a better living as well. Now you can have a Zero waste flight in no time if you follow what Brittany advises you on her blog.

All people should feel responsible for the environment. If we want to save the world and if we think about the future generation then we should be passionate enough to reduce waste. You can even join the Brisbane Zero Waste community and start cleaning up various locations around Brisbane. Every step against growing plastic pollution is important and each of us should try his/her best. Visit Litterless Living and find out more information!


Human Convenience is Destroying our Planet

Did you grab a coffee in a disposable takeaway cup on your way to work today? If you buy two coffees a day, five days a week, you alone are contributing at least 520 disposable cups into landfill each year. Thats alot of trash for a simple daily habit of convenience.


Humans are destroying the world around us to provide whatever we want in the most convenient way possible. From destroying forests to make way for high rise buildings, burying waste to keep it out of sight, to the simple conveniences of disposable plastic water bottles and throwing litter straight to the curb as soon as we are done with it.


Whether you know it or not, your everyday actions are contributing unsightly amounts of waste and polluting our planet. Simply take a look at our garbage bins, do you find them frequently overflowing and litter floating in the streets?


The amount of waste produced by humans is staggering. The fact is, you won’t find a beach on earth which isn’t littered with rubbish. The plastic which ends up in our oceans never just ‘goes away’ but slowly breaks down over time into tinier pieces of plastic, and ingested by marine life which we then consume ourselves. Yes, that means you may be eating tiny pieces of plastic due to our plastic pollution habit.


Not only are humans endangering the planet, but in turn we are harming our own well-beings.


So how can you make a difference to the cycle of destruction happening around us? Litterless Living is a Zero Waste Australia blog, started by a girl on a mission to change her life and challenge the social norms of of our throw away society.

Fed up with the unsightly pollution around her, Litterless Living was born to share how an individual can reduce their waste and inspire others to do the same. From simply choosing to slow down and drink your coffee at the cafe or bringing your own reusable takeaway cup, you too can implement small changes into your life to take a stand against harmful human convenience.


Whether you make these sustainable changes in your home, at work or just at your local coffee shop, implementing daily lifestyle changes can add up to make a considerable dent in the amount of waste you produce. Through living a more sustainable lifestyle you too can become a Litterless Living warrior and lead by example, to create a change in our society’s harmful habits. 


Your children can also participate in being more sustainable, instilling in them a fundamental teaching of being kind to our environment. It’s easy to get the kids involved in some simple Zero Waste DIY, using natural and recycled materials to create their own Zero Waste Easter Eggs. By choosing to use natural materials you not only free the planet of harmful products, but also create toxin free Zero Waste Easter Eggs and a safe environment for the children to be brought up in.


Living a sustainable lifestyle eliminates a lot of unnecessary toxins from your home and thus benefits your health. Zero Waste Recipes use simple and healthy ingredients to prevent any food wastage. You could even get the kids to help out with making Zero Waste Tortillas, Zero Waste Pancakes or Zero Waste Pasta.


Choosing to be a Litterless Living warrior through living a more sustainable lifestyle benefits you, your children and the world around us. Remember that each small step you take builds to make a Zero Waste Australia and encourages others to do the same. Start by enjoying your daily coffee in a sustainable way, whilst checking out Litterless Living for more ways on how to begin your Zero Waste journey today.


The Essence of Sustainable Living

Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Are you sick of pollution, garbage littering our earth or simply want to live a cleaner life? Choosing to adopt a Zero Waste lifestyle will reduce your waste and help you to be part of the solution our planet so desperately needs.


Living a Zero Waste lifestyle means aiming to produce zero or as little waste as possible. While eliminating waste from your life altogether may seem like an unachievable goal, it’s all about the little things that add up to make a difference and continually striding towards that Zero Waste goal.


Litterless Living is the best place to begin your Zero Waste journey and find ideas on how to start living a more sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of the planet.


You can start out small and make some sustainable changes that won’t cost you any money to begin with. These Litterless Living tips are simple and cost effective that you can start implementing straight away. Whether you simply bring your own lunch to work, use a reusable water bottle or catch public transport, each small step assists you in working towards a more sustainable lifestyle for you and the planet.


Sustainable living can be implemented by everyone including you, from any corner of the globe, to help save our planet for our future generations, whether the litter epidemic is highly evident to you or not.


Wherever you are in the world Litterless Living can provide you with adaptable information that you can implement in your own hometown. For those living in Australia, Litterless Living can provide location specific information including Zero Waste Brisbane and Zero Waste Blog Australia.


Within Zero Waste Brisbane you can find everything related to living a sustainable lifestyle in Brisbane by accessing information on Brisbane Zero Waste Resources, to find your closest Zero Waste locations. If you are keen to meet up with like-minded people in the community, join the Brisbane Zero Waste Community to clean up local areas and chat with fellow Zero Wasters.


If you reside outside of Australia, Litterless Living also has a comprehensive list of resources for those Zero Waste Southeast Asia inspirers. Including the ultimate Zero Waste Thailand Guide to help you stay plastic free whether you live or are travelling through Thailand.


If a sustainable lifestyle appeals to you, don’t hesitate to check out Litterless Living to begin your Zero Waste journey. Remember that every small step you take towards a more sustainable lifestyle benefits not only the planet, but you and future generations to come.

How to pack a Zero Waste Lunch

Give your kids the best start to the day by packing them a Zero Waste lunch to take to school. Preparing a waste free lunch box not only gives them a healthy meal but education on why we need to care for the environment. Stuck on where to go for Zero waste shopping? Check out Brisbane Zero Waste resources for locations around Brisbane for package free goods.

Once you learn how to pack a Zero Waste lunch box, it’s easy to continue create environmentally friendly packed meals every day. Don’t just let your kids have all the fun, these Zero Waste tips can apply to adults too!


Buy in bulk: Buying your food in larger quantities not only saves you money but also on plastic packaging. Use reusable containers to pack smaller portions into lunch boxes.

  1. Zero Waste Recipes: Create healthy meals for you and your family to enjoy which can benefit the environment too. Easy Zero Waste recipes such as tortillas, pancakes, pasta and gnocchi use simple and few bulk ingredients can be found at litterlessliving.com
  2. Reusable Containers: Buying reusable containers instead of disposables will also save you money in the long run whilst protecting the environment from single use plastics. You and your kids can save leftover treats for later, just remember to bring the containers home!
  3. Reusable Water Bottle: Using a reusable water bottle eliminates harmful toxins which can hide in plastic water bottles. You can refill your bottle throughout the day and not worry about your child becoming dehydrated after a hard day of play. Providing a water bottle instead of juice or flavoured milk options is also a healthier alternative for your children. If your child does love his milk, discover where to find Zero Waste Milk in Brisbane.
  4. Cloth Napkin: Save trees, mop up spills and clean sticky hands with a reusable cloth napkin. Once soiled they can easily be thrown into the washing machine to be cleaned. A fun DIY project is to make your own cloth napkins and/or embellish them for a personal touch. Involving the kids in decorating their own cloth napkins provides a sense of ownership and increases the chances of their napkins coming home safely.

Reusable Utensils: Skip the plastic by providing reusable cutlery in your lunch boxes. You could pick up some second hand cutlery at the Op shop if you don’t want any of your good dinnerware going astray. Otherwise save those pesky single use plastic forks and knifes that accidently land in your hands to be reused. For more Zero Waste ideas on

Tips For A Zero Waste Road Trip

Make your next road trip a fun and eco-friendly with our top tips for a Zero Waste road trip. A little bit of planning goes a long way when trying to be sustainable and the preparation of a few travel essentials will make your road trip even more enjoyable.

Tips to Minimizing Waste on a Road Trip:

  1. Pack Snacks: Prepare a couple of Zero Waste recipes to bring along with you on your journey to prevent having to buy prepackaged processed foods. You could also buy fruit or nuts in bulk to save on plastic and the environment.
  2. Take Breaks: While on a road trip you want to take frequent breaks to prevent yourself from getting tired from driving and of course to stop and soak in all the sights. If travelling with others, try and swap turns driving to let everyone have a rest.
  3. Limiting your Waste: Check out Zero Waste Kit for other items to bring along on your trip to prevent waste. Such as bringing along a reusable coffee cup to use instead of disposable cups.
  4. Getting Lost: Download the area you are travelling to on google maps to help you get around and stop from getting lost. This will also make it easier to navigate and you won’t need a physical map which will get torn up and thrown in the bin at the end of the trip.
  5. Pack Light: Not sure what to pack for your road trip? Zero Waste Toiletries will give you some ideas on what to bring for a minimalistic and less stressful trip.
  6. Get Comfortable: Pack a blanket, pillow and some clothing layers to keep yourself comfortable during the drive. That way you won’t have to buy anything extra during your journey.
  7. Extras: For more tips on creating less waste while you travel, check out Zero Waste Travel for more information.