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Human Convenience is Destroying our Planet

Did you grab a coffee in a disposable takeaway cup on your way to work today? If you buy two coffees a day, five days a week, you alone are contributing at least 520 disposable cups into landfill each year. Thats alot of trash for a simple daily habit of convenience.


Humans are destroying the world around us to provide whatever we want in the most convenient way possible. From destroying forests to make way for high rise buildings, burying waste to keep it out of sight, to the simple conveniences of disposable plastic water bottles and throwing litter straight to the curb as soon as we are done with it.


Whether you know it or not, your everyday actions are contributing unsightly amounts of waste and polluting our planet. Simply take a look at our garbage bins, do you find them frequently overflowing and litter floating in the streets?


The amount of waste produced by humans is staggering. The fact is, you won’t find a beach on earth which isn’t littered with rubbish. The plastic which ends up in our oceans never just ‘goes away’ but slowly breaks down over time into tinier pieces of plastic, and ingested by marine life which we then consume ourselves. Yes, that means you may be eating tiny pieces of plastic due to our plastic pollution habit.


Not only are humans endangering the planet, but in turn we are harming our own well-beings.


So how can you make a difference to the cycle of destruction happening around us? Litterless Living is a Zero Waste Australia blog, started by a girl on a mission to change her life and challenge the social norms of of our throw away society.

Fed up with the unsightly pollution around her, Litterless Living was born to share how an individual can reduce their waste and inspire others to do the same. From simply choosing to slow down and drink your coffee at the cafe or bringing your own reusable takeaway cup, you too can implement small changes into your life to take a stand against harmful human convenience.


Whether you make these sustainable changes in your home, at work or just at your local coffee shop, implementing daily lifestyle changes can add up to make a considerable dent in the amount of waste you produce. Through living a more sustainable lifestyle you too can become a Litterless Living warrior and lead by example, to create a change in our society’s harmful habits. 


Your children can also participate in being more sustainable, instilling in them a fundamental teaching of being kind to our environment. It’s easy to get the kids involved in some simple Zero Waste DIY, using natural and recycled materials to create their own Zero Waste Easter Eggs. By choosing to use natural materials you not only free the planet of harmful products, but also create toxin free Zero Waste Easter Eggs and a safe environment for the children to be brought up in.


Living a sustainable lifestyle eliminates a lot of unnecessary toxins from your home and thus benefits your health. Zero Waste Recipes use simple and healthy ingredients to prevent any food wastage. You could even get the kids to help out with making Zero Waste Tortillas, Zero Waste Pancakes or Zero Waste Pasta.


Choosing to be a Litterless Living warrior through living a more sustainable lifestyle benefits you, your children and the world around us. Remember that each small step you take builds to make a Zero Waste Australia and encourages others to do the same. Start by enjoying your daily coffee in a sustainable way, whilst checking out Litterless Living for more ways on how to begin your Zero Waste journey today.